In this series we’ve decided to go back down memory lane and reminisce on all the tracks that laid the foundations for the music we all love today.


Every week we’ll dig up four classics that will bring you right back to the early days of raving.


This week we caught up with Belgian electronic music producer and remixer CJ Bolland. An iconic figure in Techno and said to be one of the originators of the genre, he is a true pioneer. From number one hit “Sugar Is Sweeter“, to many EPs on major label R&S, we asked him to pick four of his favourite classic tracks for us.


Check them out below.

Underground Resistance – Elimination 2

Dave Angel introduced me to this Detroit blinder when I was 19, just crawling out of new beat and acid house. This instantly blew my mind and influenced all my future productions.

JB3 – Forklift (Luke Slater’s Filtered remix)

There’s too many Joey Beltram classics to mention but when he handed this one to Slater, he did his thing. The ground literally shook for all of us.

Speedy J – Pannik

When I first heard this Speedy J tune, I wondered how I could fit it in my sets. I quickly realised that opening a set with it was like a calling card. It sets the tone properly for things to come. Banging!

Basic Channel – Phylyps Track

Maurizio has been a long time and major influence of mine, but this tune is something else. The groove and the shape of the bass are just alien like. Thus Maurizio must be an alien.

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