In this series we’ve decided to go back down memory lane and reminisce on all the tracks that laid the foundations for the music we all love today.


Every week we’ll dig up four classics that will bring you right back to the early days of raving.


This week we caught up with Techno & Cans head honcho Sam Greenwood. He brings us through four tracks that have influenced him since he was a child growing up in Wales. Some absolute gems in here!

I decided to pick my four tunes for this Way Back In Time Series based upon my first iteration with dance music aged just 10.


My brother growing up was six years my elder and fortunate enough to be growing up in the height of the rave/dance music explosion at the beginning of the 90s. My mother was also an avid ‘Pete Tong Essential Selection’ fan, meaning Radio 1 would be regular in our household on Friday nights from as long as far back as I can remember.


From seeing posters for my brother’s club shows shows around the city of Bangor where I lived, or flicking through various record sleeves around our house, or hearing them on the radio, these are my stand out tunes in my memory and my first taste of dance music as a kid.

The Shamen – Omega Amigo (1990)


The KLF – What Time Is Love (1992)


Bizzare Inc – Playing With Knifes (1992)
K Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery (1993)
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