In this series we’ve decided to go back down memory lane and reminisce on all the tracks that laid the foundations for the music we all love today.

Every week we’ll dig up four classics that will bring you right back to the early days of raving.


This week we caught up with RTE 2FM & RTE 2XM radio presenter and writer Tara Stewart, as she takes us through her favourite classics. Having grown up in a rural town in Australia, you would think this type of music wouldn’t have travelled that far. Tara spent her weekends getting up early and staying up late, because they were the only times you could find this type of music on a channel called Rage. Check out her favourite classics below.

Black Box – Ride On Time (1990)


Disclaimer, my list could be considered pretty tacky, but I’ve no music shame so don’t mind me. I’ve listened to this song about a million times or thereabouts. Every single time I listen to it or play it at a gig I just feel deadly….does that make sense? I’ve a tradition of listening to this song when I’m about to do something a bit nerve-racking, like a big interview or radio show or a date, just to help me feel extra confident and ‘spicy’.


La Bouche – Where Do You Go (1995)


I love La Bouche, they’ve such crazy epic songs. When the verse kicks in at 51 that’s when shit gets real.

Mr. President – Coco Jambo (1996)


I remember watching this for the first time on an Australian music video tv station called RAGE on a Saturday morning. Saturdays were always my favourite days because school wasn’t on and I’d just watch music videos all day. I used to sweat especially for Missy Elliot videos. I heard this song and I just thought it was so ‘groovy’, I wish I came up with a cooler word to describe it rather than groovy, but that’s the only word I feel really explains how I felt….so I’ll just have to sound like a mum for now I guess.

Anne Lee – 2 Times (1999)


This song reminds me of Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song (don’t hate me but I fucking loved that song in 2002). I just love the innocent light feel to 2 Times. It’s kind of hard to dance to….I won’t lie I have flashbacks to bouncing many times to this song on nights out and sweating bullets but I just love it. I remember watching the video in 1999 and saw Ann Lee walk down the road with a Hello Kitty bag and I thought, ‘this bitch is the fucking shiiiit’.

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