Wicklow native, now Amsterdam-based Decadance released a full Irish hard-groove mix onto his Soundcloud last week. The hugely talented DJ and producer clocked a recording of 64 minutes filled entirely with breath-taking Irish productions from start to finish, with some unreleased included for good measure!

Decadance has had a sharp rise as an electronic music artist over the past 2 years. As he developed a keen interest in underground dance music through attending various parties in bygone venues such as Hangar and District 8. This time spent on Dublin’s dance floors lead him to explore his curiosity as a DJ and then later into music production.

Fast forward 2 years, Decadance is now based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands where a lot of his inspiration now derives from Vault Sessions’ standout parties that regularly occur in Bret and Radion. Decadance has earned significant support slots in his short time as a DJ. Sharing the stage with D.Dan, Nico Moreno, and Shlømo while also accumulating headline shows in Dublin, Galway, and Limerick in the process.

Over this time, Decadance has spent a significant amount of time honing his sound as a music producer. Towards the end of 2022, he released his debut EP on Eradys Records, combined with numerous successful self-releases on his own Soundcloud that have amassed tens of thousands of listens. His productions have also gained massive support from numerous artists in the industry, some of which include Dax J, Daria Kosolova, Shlømo, Frazier, MRD, and so on.

This Irish-only hard-groove mix was carefully crafted by Decadance. Containing tracks from Erik Burka, Dylan Fogarty, DJ Frequency, Cult, Jon10, and many more artists from the Emerald Isle. Not to mention some unreleased from Decadance himself. It is quite impressive being able to boast such quality dance music for such a tiny island and to have a recording pieced together in such a meticulous way is the icing on the cake.

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