Four Four Magazine were kindly asked to collaborate with Project Radio, as their 7th takeover for their first official season last month. We chose 8 fantastic Irish acts who all submitted a 90 minute mix each, that was broadcast live on Project Radio on the 25th to 26th of November. They have now been archived to Soundcloud where they can be heard again. Buzz.

Four Four Magazine and Project Radio came together last month to collaborate with one another. Showcasing 8 fantastic Irish artists on the Project Radio airwaves from noon on Saturday November 25th to midnight November 26th. These mixes have since been archived to the Project Radio Soundcloud and have been made available to listen to again.

The running order includes Derv, DECADANCE, Ayolxi, Ladrin, MAV666, Aeron XTC, ROWDIBOI and Riot Code. You can expect to hear a range of quality dance music from each act as they all showcased their unique mixing styles and sounds during the 90 minutes that they had to play with.

The takeover acts as a showcase of remarkable Irish talent from dedicated, hard-working artists, who all possess various levels of experience while simultaneously carving out their own path in the Irish music industry and beyond.

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