New music is always excellent to hear, but hearing brand new music created on our amazing little island is even better. Today, much admired DJ and producer, Bobby Analog has released just that, excellent new Irish music.

Bobby Analog, head honcho behind Belfast digital electronic label Bodyfusion, has today released a brand new 6 track mini-album, with a collection of tracks made between 2018-2020. This is not just any collection, though, he has carefully selected the tracks that represent how he’s been processing the volatile climate that we are currently experiencing. As we all know, music can be one of the best ways to express yourself when words can’t be found, so we hope you enjoy these tracks as much as we do.

50% of the sales from this release will go towards supporting the Black Live Matter and Black Trans Fund For The Gworls campaigns. You can pick up the full release here.

Hi, this is a collection of tracks I made between 2018-2020 that I’m very close to and that reflect how I have been feeling during this period.

There are tracks on here for my Dj friends, for those that wanna dance and let loose and for all my emo pals.

To all the people who danced with me into early mornings and shared some special moments with me in clubs, this is for you.

50% of sales from this release will go towards supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement and Black Trans Fund For The Gworls.

Stream the full 6 track mini album below. You’re going to love it. You can pick up the full release here.

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