Almost a year after the release of his staple track and EP ‘Warehouse Memories’ on ARTS, I Hate Models returns to the label with ‘Totsuka No Tsurugi’ on its ARTSCORE division.

The 4 track EP carries with it the typical unrelenting kickdrum that you’d expect from the Frenchman, however the rave-y aspect that is a staple of his previous work is replaced with a slightly more dystopian feel, with numerous acid and electro-influenced sounds coinciding with imposing kicks.

Check out his latest mix on the Brvtalism podcast to get a taste of how his sets have developed along with his music:

In a Facebook announcement the producer stated that there’ll be more to look out for regarding the EP on Monday so make sure to keep your eyes locked on Four/Four to stay up to date.


Photo Credit: Laure Blanc


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