Have a listen to a snippet of Schacke’s new track, Erotomania

Copenhagen’s rising techno star, Schacke has new music on the way. His new track, Erotomania, comes out on Berlin label, Rebels Conspiracy. A part of the first volume Rebels United For Nature (R.U.N.), Schacke will release alongside 15 other artists. The R.U.N. initiative aims to raise money Environmental Justice Foundation, a charity that has raised awareness in protecting human rights, animal species and environmental preservation in different countries.

Approaching this track with different energy from his other productions, the Erotomania track holds a fast tempo with a slower atmosphere, making it perfect for a grungy late night party. JKS also appears on the R.U.N. project, dropping on the 13th of December.

Listen to a preview of Schacke’s track, Erotomania

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