Ethereal Skies, a Dublin-based party and platform dedicated to avant-garde electronic music debuts their first label release with Aerga Vol 01. Aerga, aka “the air or the ether” (as Gaeilge) comes in the form of a jam-packed VA compilation featuring twenty-one fabulous artists from Ireland and afar presenting avant-garde and genre-bending club music which knows no bounds.

A project planned and developed to traverse the soundscape of alternative club sounds through local Irish artists and friends, the vision of what the Ethereal Skies platform seeks to present to the world musically comes to life. Aerga is a sonic journey that defies genre boundaries, contrasts new school with the old school, and presents the dysfunctional possibilities of electronic music. Aerga is a spectrum of sounds ranging from ambient dreamscapes, avant-trance, breakcore, experimental pop, donk, gabber, neo-grime, to prog, hard groove and more.

Aerga is a space for all artists that match both Mark Davis (aka darkmavis) and Sean Murray’s outlook to contribute, who are the two minds behind Ethereal Skies. Aerga Vol 01 features a range of artists which include 2manycolours, Asa Nisi Masa, Casement, darkmavis, Doubt, Dylan Fogarty, E The Artist, Fraq, Gaffa, Harmful Logic, Jack Ward, Julia Louise KnifeFist, HelloKT, Marina Potion Club, Nienna, Pesci Tooth, Rory Sweeney, Small Bear, SNBR, Sonia and Sweet Philly. The contributions span widely of eras yet to come while also featuring artists’ sounds as they carve out their own modern takes on old-school inspirations, which is a fraction of what can be heard throughout.

Aerga Vol 01 releases on Bandcamp and streaming platforms on November 17th. You can preorder it on Bandcamp here. The artwork for the release is by Sean Murray, with mastering carried out by Frankie McNamara.

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