Yes, you read that correctly, you can now listen to a five hour mix by DIG (Dance In Graves) which features 105 tracks all of which are released by Irish acts & talent. Wan Ireland is definitely suited to this one.

DIG is an Irish DJ / Producer from Dery who is now residing in London, he is a resident DJ on Fnoob Techno Radio with the Morphology Of Techno Podcast andResident and co founder of clubnight AudioAsylum based in Derry, Ireland, with warm up slots for Ben Klock, Mark Broom, Pan-Pot, Gary Beck, Matador, Christian Smith, Sasha Carassi, Miniminds, Psycaton, L.A.W. Fractious, Will Kinsella and Ronan Teague

The five hour mix reflects his love and attitude towards Irish music, although living in the UK, David Devine’s heart is evidently embedded in Irish music and culture. The mix brings together some of the finest on our island and those who have taken different paths, a tip of the hat to Irish artists if you will.

A homage to the Irish scene thats killing it at the minute, every track was produced by, remixed by or features an Irish Artist (to the best of my knowledge anyway).. mixture of different genres Techno, Acid, Electro, Jungle, Breaks, Industrial and Ambient.. BPMs range from 130 to 165, 3 deck mix, 105 tracks in total…

Music by…

Sunil Sharpe, Aphex Twin, Tommy Holohan, Autumns, Doug Cooney, Flexure, Swarm Intelligence, Rory St John, Myler, Fran Hartnett, Casper Hastings, Imnotyourmate, Tinfoil, Kettama, Dahryl, Hypah, Jasmine Azarian, Oneyra, Ceili, Mode 1, Stephen Mahoney, Scenedrone, Jish, Midlands League, Rustal, Xoplysm, David Holmes, Bicep, Or:La, Diarmaid O’Meara, Nktrnl, Buckfast Terror Squad, Niamh, Defekt, Alloy Mental, Forest Echo One, Niall Power, Offtrack, Tonia Nee, Kerrie, Dorbachov, Luke Creed, Karl Cullen, Leafeater, Nathan Jones, Bunkerterror, Cailin, Pineal Navigation, Patient 808, AFX, Suneel Shark, Sportsmen, Matt Finnegan, Tiarnola, Peter Sweeney, Conan_, Cignol, Brame & Hamo, Jon Hussey, Lee Holman, ELLLL, Tr One, Kapoor, Philip Galvin Jnr, The Cyclist, Matador, Space Dimension Controller, Blusher, Witch Trials, R.Kitt, Mark Rogan, Fractious, Ronan Teague, Hybrasil, The Fully Automated Model, Kevin Shields, and myself

You can listen now below!

You can also check him out on Facebook here!

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