Midland has new music on the way in the form of a four track EP, ‘The Alchemy of Circumstance’

After a break of three years from releasing music, UK artist Midland has announced his upcoming EP on his own Graded Records. The four track EP titled ‘The Alchemy of Circumstance’ is out today.

He describes the EP as “the sound of R2D2 having a meltdown in Ikea.” when he spoke to Resident Advisor, an intriguing insight that proves true with the premiere of the title track. There is much to see from this EP after a long wait for new music from Midland.

1. The Alchemy of Circumstance
2. Frequency FM
3. Play It As It Lays
4. Tortuga

Pre-Order the ‘The Alchemy of Circumstance’ EP right here and listen to the latest track right here.

Cover Photo credit – NTS Live

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