The connection between music and emotion is phenomenal, each feeling and back story can be recognized as the EP plays out.

The Perils Of Youth” EP takes a journey through childhood and early teenage years of the man behind Mount Palomar. Highlighting deeply rooted memories of mishaps in school as well as the unforgiving struggles experienced by an individuals throughout the tumultuous years of teenage life. 

When I am working on material I do this daft thing of just feeling out what the new track says to me, like how it makes me feel, what does it remind me off

The natural process in which this EP was created has allowed the emotion to bleed through the music in its entirety. Each track depicts a meaningful story and overall experience, creating a fitting atmosphere relative to the name in each track.

The aggressive metallic sound made me think of the name I had been tarred with throughout my school days, “Disruptive Attention Seeker” 

Palomar speaks about his first track ‘Disruptive Attention Seeker’, telling the story of his school life, mirroring the title of the track. Harsh tones throughout the track highlight the harshness of his childhood, at constant dismay, this track shows off the creative inspiration that can come from the most negative of memories.

I hung about with some assholes who were most definitely a bad influence, in time I grew to despise them and breaking away from that group of friends was a big thing for me and probably stopped me from going down a pretty dark path.

Tracks ‘Peers’ and ‘Man Up’ tell tales of his path away from friends after realizing the negative impact they had on him during his teenage years. The track ‘Peers’ and ‘Man Up’ feature dark modulated synths and roaring pads; symbolizing the dark and negative impacts they had on his life.

“…has a sense of madness about it and deals with the end of my teenage years when I was starting to lose my mind a bit and began to suffer with fairly serious mental health issues.”

The ending track, ‘Oh No, Here We Go’ encapsulates the artists struggle with mental health in his late teenage years, a problem that was much harder to deal with when individuals suffering with their mental health had little to no support. The frantic energy of the track and unorthodox synths make for a hectic piece, highlighting the same events taking place within the mind of the artist and how it impacted his personal growth. A fantastic piece that invokes real emotion: A work of art.

However, I didn’t want the closing track to be some tearful, melodramatic, depressing song because, now that I can look back with a clear head, there were aspects of that messy period that also shaped the good parts of me.

The connection between music and emotion is phenomenal, each feeling and their individual back stories can be recognized as the EP plays out. Hats off to the man behind Mount Palomar for creating an incredible artistic piece of work.

1. Disruptive Attention Seeker
2. Troublesome Teens
3. Peers
4. Man Up
5. Farewell To Youth
6. Oh No, Here We Go

Listen to the full release right here:

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