Monnom Black release stellar 14-track compilation piece in celebration of their landmark 20th release.

In celebration of its 20th release, Monnom Black have hand picked some of the most innovative techno artists to feature alongside one another, making for a action packed 14 track album titled, ‘The World Of Monnom Black II’.

Artists such as VTSS, UVB, Vladimir Dubyshkin, LDS and label founder, Dax J feature on the enormous release. Rising and unique artists as well as long time collaborators make up the track listing for one of Monnom Black’s biggest releases.

‘The World Of Monnom Black II’ is expected on November 29th, grab your pre-order right here.

1. Fractions – Zero Ground
2. DIMI – Drive Me Up
3. Hadone – Hope Reminds Me Of Her
4. Tellurian – Big Bad City (Dax J Mix)
5. VTSS – Atlantyda
6. LDS – Algorithmic
7. Buried Secrets – Distant Voices
8. UVB – God Knows You’re A Cunt
9. Zanias – Holocene
10. Dax J – Zephyr
11. Aahan – Venting ft. The Dag
12. Vladimir Dubyshkin – Lorry
13. Knarz – Kind Der Nacht
14. Hive – Devious Methods

Listen to ‘LDS – Algorithmic Reality’ on Monnom Black’s Soundcloud now:

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