Incoming! Brand new and exciting Irish music once again coming from the lockdown formed band, Nixer.

The Nixer sound could be described as ‘New Wave’ and is a fusion of vocals, guitar and synths. The duo cites influence in their music from acts such as Boy Harsher, Fontaines D.C, and The Stone Roses, however, the Nixer sound is a fusion of influence from two people coming from two very different musical backgrounds, where their paths normally wouldn’t cross. This puts Nixer in a position where their sound is truly unique and original.

At a considerably slower BPM to their first two singles, Nixer come with a third single to the tune and theme of ‘Love’. The song starts with a heavy drum pattern that prevails and cuts through the mix from start to finish. Then at 0.32, the distinct Irish vocals along with a driven and heavy bassline kick in. Two traits that have become ‘recognisably Nixer’ after just two singles. In ‘True Romance’, the vocals and lyrics really sit at the forefront of the song as vocalist Seán Keenan spits poetic insights of a want or need to find a ‘True Romance’. The guitar riffs are subtle and almost teasing until a point at 3.16. At this stage in the song the vocal drops out, and a simple but effective guitar riff tears through the mix and leaves the listener with a beautiful blend of guitar, drums and bass as the track finishes triumphantly.

Although they are still finding their feet in the music scene, the Nixer sound is fully formed. The duo have received some very credible backing and support off the back of their first two singles. The singles have grabbed the attention of NTS Radio, RTÉ, 98FM, FOURFOURMAGAZINE, GoldenPlec and Hot Press Magazine, among others.

As Seán Keenan of Nixer explains:

“When Gearóid (the other half of Nixer) sent me the music for this track I couldn’t contain my excitement. Two things were immediately obvious to me when I first heard it. Straight away I knew that lyrically it had to be a love song. I also had the outro guitar riff in my head before I even touched my guitar, which was crazy, so musically it all came together really quickly.

Lyrically I was struggling though, and at the time we wrote this song, it was the height of good weather in July and all of my lyric writing process was done on my bike as I listened to the music and cycled around London. I dabbled a few ideas lyrically and it wasn’t until I told Gearóid I was struggling that he sent me Lovebirds – Want You In My Soul, once I heard this song for the first time it injected so much positivity and happiness into my life and the writing process was simple from then on. So True Romance is also a celebration of love when I say I want to get lost in it.”

The conversation about the duo has begun online, and people are beginning to coin the genre of music as “Éire Wave”.

Today, Nixer release their third single ‘True Romance’, which you can stream all day and all night from their SoundCloud page below, plus support the band and purchase the release via their Bandcamp page here.

All Nixer songs are written, recorded and produced remotely by Seán Keenan and Gearóid Peggs in their humble DIY bedroom studio setups in London and Dublin respectively. Songs are mastered by Fionn O’Brien.

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