Well, well, this is your Friday afternoon techno absolutely sorted, as we take a small trip down memory lane to 2015 and the ‘Friends Of Earwiggle’ club night in Hangar.

When life hands you lemons, listen to techno! And no better way to lash it out than with a Paul Birken set. He is a techno producer we hugely respect and a purveyor of groovy and relentless techno, which is our favourite kind. His legendary live sets are ass-shaking funk infused slamming techno which will lift the roof of any venue and indeed any mood.

Releasing records since 1995, Paul Birken is no stranger to making tunes, and has been consistently releasing solid tracks since then. Some of our favourites are Acid Youth Of Malibu (Earwiggle), his collaborations with Ansome, and Martyn Hare and his Degression Mode EP on DON’T, to name a few.

This special live set recording was from the dearly departed Hangar warehouse, with one of Sunil Sharpe‘s label parties, where Paul Birken and Headless Horseman were the special guests alongside Sunil.

So, buckle up and crack this one up, as Paul Birken takes control.

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