What started only a matter of weeks ago, during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, has grown into a mix series, plus an incredible 11 track compilation, in aid of the Mória Refugee Camp on the island of Lesvos, Greece.

Pollination is a non-profit platform that works to promote positive and inclusive values through music, helping to bring people together to bring about change. As a community of music fans, we’re all well aware of how it can be a powerful tool for self-expression and the positive outcomes from being part of a community are endless.

Our values are very much of the opinion that everyone deserves equal opportunity, a home, food, education and of course, to feel safe (among some of the basics) so our values are very much in line with Pollination’s whose platform exists to make this happen.

Pollination stated:

The pandemic has created opportunities to re-imagine and reshape our systems and policies, achieved through constructive collaboration. Our goal is to remove gate-keeping, lower the barriers to entry and demystify what it takes to enjoy music on your own terms: real love and dedicated practice. In doing so, we hope to promote greater positivity and inclusivity, and to create a network of music lovers that actively support each other on our respective endeavours.

On Lesvos, at the intersection of Africa, the Middle East and Greece, Moria has become a significant landing point for refugees seeking to cross into Europe since 2015. Many haven’t made it. A squalid camp with basic facilities designed to house 2,500 people, Moria became a refuge for 13,000 people, including 5000 minors – of whom 528 arrived unaccompanied.

On 9th September, Moria refugee camp went up in flames, leaving this community homeless once again, living in squalid conditions and facing a coronavirus outbreak. The Pollination team has joined forces with some brilliant artists to release a compilation, with all profits donated to helping to support Movement On The Ground, an a non-profit organisation who are currently working to dignify living conditions on Lesvos.

Purchase the full compilation via the Pollination Bandcamp page here.

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