Irish techno legend and ‘Give Us The Night’ foreman, Sunil Sharpe headed over to Berlin yesterday to take on the HÖR live stream as a guest on Jamie Behan’s show. Jamie has held down a residency on HÖR and has been inviting guests to join him on his show.

HÖR is a Berlin based studio which invites in guests and hosts live stream shows via their Facebook page. The studio takes on a unique berlin feel and with just green lighting and a fully tiled room, makes for an interesting setting. Some of the show’s past guests include NKTRNL, R.Kitt, Oneryra, Tommy Four Seven, Inhalt der Nacht and many more.

Sunil has been at the forefront of both the Irish and international techno scene for years and is currently as active as ever with both club show’s, political work with ‘Give Us The Night’ and his releases. Just this month we saw the release of his most recent four track EP ‘Etaci’ on BPitch Control.

You can check out his hour long live stream over on their Facebook or stream it below.

You can also tune into Jamie’s mix below for another hour of solid tunes for your Friday!

If you want to catch Sunil live, you can see him and a host of other talent including Dax J, Helena Hauff and more at this year’s Circles in District 8. You can check out the event here!

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