The year is 2002 and Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin are in the form of their lives touring and DJing around the globe at their peaks, so naturally the pair were due a Radio 1 Essential Mix

The theme for this extra special Essential Mix was based around peak main room club techno, plus the after hours sounds of Cocoon. The two hour mix was based upon expression and experiences that both Sven and Richie took during the summer of 2002, while playing at Cocoon. Sven has famously ran Cocoon, which takes place in Amnesia night club for the last 20+ years.

The first hour is from Cocoon boss, Sven Väth, before handing over to Richie Hawtin’s minimal bleeps, squeaks and grooves for the second hour of the Essential Mix.

The track listening for the two hours are both available below. Check them out, go find them, but them, play them.

Sven Väth played:

  • 01- Reinhart Voigt – Supertiel [KOMPAKT EXTRA]
  • 02- Thomas Schumacher – Ficken #3 [ELECTRIC BALLROOM]
  • 03- Toni Rohr – Chuggachugga [HIDDEN AGENDA]
  • 04- David Alvorado – Polygons [OVUM]
  • 05- Dirty – Dirty [JUNIOR LONDON]
  • 06- Scan X – Neutronic [F COMMUNICATIONS]
  • 07- Dave Tarrida & Lars Sandberg – Supa Hammer [MISSILE]
  • 08- Dot Allison – We’re Only Science [MANTRA VIBES]
  • 09- DJ Shufflemaster – Pay Back Pt.3 [PHONT]
  • 10- Abe Duque – Last Night Changed It All [ABE DUQUE]
  • 11-Taksi – Rohrbruch [MUSIC MAN]

Richie Hawtin played:

  • 12- Bern – Loann 1 [TRAUM]
  • 13- Dettinger – Puma [KOMPAKT]
  • 14- Rg25 – Tarism [M-BASS-Y RECORDS]
  • 15- Jeff Samuel – Double Yum [TRAPEZ]
  • 16- Cosili – Arschoppel [STATTMUSIK]
  • 17- Jon Thomas – Talking Machine (DBX Vs. Cabanne Remix)
  • 18- Gergestellt Von Modomonomusik – Sundesseisser [RINGEL]
  • 19- Janovosky vs. Scheben – 360 Bd [BRUCHSTEUCKE]
  • 20- Robag Wruhme – Back 01 [MUSIK KRAUSE]
  • 21- Justin Berkovi vs. Miss Kitten – A2
  • 22- Serve – Netzroller [PLAYMADE]
  • 23- Matthew Johnson – A1 [IT IS WHAT IT IS]

Check out the full 2 hour mix below.

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