Vladimir Dubyshkin returns to the трип (Trip) label after his momentous “Cheerful Pessimist” release last year

Vladimir Dubyshkin is set to release another EP with Nina Kravis’ label, Trip. His last EP, “Cheerful Pessimist”, impressed many as he now brings the same energy into this latest record “Budni Nashego Kolhoza“. The Trip label have provided solid material since its birth in 2014 by the ever popular Nina Kravis; Releases from Bjarki, The Mover, Nina Kravis herself and many more have helped the label gain its highly respected reputation it has today.

Highly impressive work from Vladimir can be seen through his packed catalog of released and unreleased material, his Soundcloud is a goldmine for anyone interested in his sound.

On the “Budni Nashego Kolhoza” EP, Vladimir executes his signature style with eerie vocal loops and light percussion sit over the driven bass lines making for a up tempo, hard groove-like techno. Some tracks are reminiscent of the track Bellissimo, off his first EP on the label; hypnotic vocals that create a trance like energy that keeps on giving. The record is expected to land on the 20th of December, on vinyl and digital.

“On these driving, iridescent tracks Dubyshkin is as self-assured as he is unhinged. He advances with a controlled intensity – taunting vocal cuts loop and spiral over pulsating, muscular rhythms that seem moments away from derailing. It’s a gripping descent into delirium, dragged ankle-first by Dubyshkin.”

1. Rural Woman
2. Grasshopper’s Opinion
3. Customs & Traditions
4. Elvis has left the Building
5. Lady of the Night (Digital Only)

Pre-order Vladimir Dubyshkin’s Budni Nashego Kolhoza right here.

Listen to clips of the latest Trip release below:

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