We’re back with the 90th weekly episode of The Local Selection Mix series, this week we welcome much travelled Irish DJ, Josh Reid.
We’re back with the 89th weekly episode of The Local Selection Mix series, this week we welcome Fuinneamh Festival founder and long time DJ, Lucas.

We’re big fans of thumping techno at Four Four HQ and are delighted to share with you all Josh’s Local Selection. If you’re a fan of the hard stuff on a Tuesday afternoon, this mix is for you. It’s a belter.

Contrary to what society perceives the role of a DJ to be, Josh doesn’t do gentle warm-ups or build a journey. Having spent the best part of a decade building up a hefty record collection packed with blistering techno, crusty rave classics and abrasive schranz, Josh’s sound is not for the faint at heart and rarely dips in tempo – once he’s in, he’s in and there’s no going back. 

Starting out in Dublin almost 10 years ago with sets at the now closed Sweeneys, The Twisted Pepper, Hangar and The Button Factory, it was here that Josh developed his trademark quick-fire mixing and sharp ability to engage even the toughest of crowds. A move to New Zealand followed shortly after where he continued to build his sonic library before relocating to Berlin, where he’s currently based. 

Josh prides himself on technical ability, accuracy and an unwavering focus from the moment he steps up to the plate. Mixes for HÖR Berlin, RIOT Radio, Threads Radio, Voight-Kampff, Wndrlust & more have showcased Josh’s sound to wider audience across Germany, Ireland and the UK and have helped to continue his momentum over the last year. Along with a well-tuned ear and commitment to digging for new and old sounds of a certain pace, Josh is one of the most thrilling DJs to come out of Dublin who shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

If you want to deep dive into our Local Selection Series more, check out the playlist or the rest on our Soundcloud.

This “Local Selection Mix Series” is brought to you by our partner Red Bull, helping you discover Ireland’s most talented artists. You can check out more of what’s going on in the world of Red Bull Music here.

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