This is the midday fix you’ve been looking for as Nitetales steps up to mix number 95 of our Irish based local selection mix series.

There’s no denying that we receive a lot of techno mixes, so each time we get a house / disco mix it makes for a really nice change. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love the bangers, but there’s a lot more on this lovely island of ours than techno.

Based in Dublin, Nitetales is the production moniker for Mel Donnellan, who in a relatively short time has clocked up serious miles in the scene. The Ibiza Club News resident DJ has been gigging across the White Isle and Europe, playing up and down the length of Ireland, plus is a familiar name on the Irish festival circuit.

In-between playing club shows, Nitetales is an accomplished producer, with releases on Deeplomatic and Heavy Records. He most recently released an EP on Modern Agenda which is set to take him to another level.

This mix was recorded in June, both for our series, but also to premiere two brand new Nitetales tracks, ‘Awakening’ and ‘Drive’ which you’ll find on the excellent tracklisting below.

Mel’s experience of working in small and large club spaces sees both tracks offer up hypnotic beatless breakdowns amongst sharp hi-hats and kicks. Mel’s experience of working in small and large club spaces see both tracks offer up hypnotic beatless breakdowns

1. Nitetales-Awakening Intro
2. Red Axes-Way to Neptune
3. Aera-Prana
4. Bedouin-Whistleman (Pablo Fierro Remix)
5. Shan-Schlagzeug
6. Michael Mayer-Doot Doot
7. Rex the Dog vs DJ Haus-Transmitter
8. Nohan- Unexplainable (Dee Montero Remix)
9. Josh Wink-Chrysallis
10. Krystal Klear-Dutch Gold
11. Cinthie-Control
12. Daniel Watts-Cometic Ecstasy (Terr Remix)
13. Adryiano-Gentrified Trance Banger
14. Nitetales-Drive (GRAZZE Remix)
15. Ajenda-Nothing to Me
16. Nitetales-Awakening Outro

If you want to deep dive into our Local Selection Series more, check out the playlist or the rest on our Soundcloud.

This “Local Selection Mix Series” is brought to you by our partner Red Bull, helping you discover Ireland’s most talented artists. You can check out more of what’s going on in the world of Red Bull Music here.

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