After a couple of weeks of house, disco and DnB, we venture back into the familiar territory with an hour of techno, as we welcome Cork DJ, producer and promoter, Trail Of Thought to our weekly series.

Although the name Trail Of Thought has only recently been bubbling under the surface of Ireland’s techno scene, the man behind the moniker has been a presence in Cork’s electronic music community for the last seven years, garnering experience and skill before coming into his own as an artist.

Shane Miller’s events starting out with under-the-radar DIY parties, including the use of an old cinema and a countryside warehouse, his club brand Prospekt eventually found a home in Dali, Cork. The event is now established as a techno night with a clear vision and booking policy. Prospekt was never originally about pushing international names and with Irish talents Maedbh O’Connor, Theologue, Cailín and Myler headlining the first few shows, Aeron, Bunkerterror and international heavyweights Clouds have since appeared on the bills, with Shane on support as Trail Of Thought, which is where his moniker has been gathering pace.

Under the Trail of Thought alias, Shane has supported the likes of Bas Mooy, Ayarcana, Nico Moreno, Jamie Behan and Tommy Holohan. Our Local Selection podcast will be Shane’s first recorded mix in 4 years and on this occasion, it’s a consistent supply of slamming techno throughout. An aural insight into the more straight-up, club-friendly corner of his collection, this is only one aspect of Shane’s approach as a DJ. With an adaptable aesthetic and evolving library covering all spectrums of dance music and now in the early stages of music production, Trail of Thought’s first instalment of our series has been just a glimpse of the young artist’s capabilities.

So, for the next hour, grab a hard hat and stick this mix on full pelt, as this is a nightclub ready, no messing two footed tackler. It bangs.

If you want to deep dive into our Local Selection Series more, check out the playlist or the rest on our Soundcloud.

This “Local Selection Mix Series” is brought to you by our partner Red Bull, helping you discover Ireland’s most talented artists. You can check out more of what’s going on in the world of Red Bull Music here.

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