This weeks Local Selection welcomes Sub Society to the series. Sub Society is made up of Dan Stritch (Kamorah), Jonathan Kaily (Kaily) and Eric Brown. Three Dublin based DJs, promoters and producers who all have one massive thing in common. An unrelenting passion for quality house music. Their festival debut as a trio that took place at BD Festival acts as their entry to the Local Selection Mix Series today. Dig in!

Although the most recent BD Festival that took place acted as the trios festival debut as Sub Society, all three members have accomplished some considerable feats in the industry as individuals over the years that span right across the music industry. Countless successful parties, playing home and abroad and releasing some fantastic music in the process.

We decided to sit down with Kamorah, Eric and Kaily to gain a deeper understanding of what Sub Society is all about and what house music means to them, among other things. The trio also decided to record their BD Festival performance and have utilised the recording as their entry to the Local Selection Mix Series, coming in at the 183rd edition, which can be heard below too.

How did the idea of sub society come about?

Kamorah – ‘We’ve played together loads of times throughout the years and each time the set has gone really well, we’re all on the same page and our styles compliment each other. Once we spoke about the opportunities and potential of the project it was a no brainer.’

Kaily – ‘We’ve become good mates over the years through djing and have always enjoyed playing together. I think the set at higher vision showed us the potential that we had as a collective. We all bring something different but it blends nicely.’

Eric – ‘It was a coming together of minds. We know each other years, we’ve all played together on lineups & share the same ambition, drive and a similar taste in music. It felt right to take the next step and try create something special together.’

Is there a deeper or spiritual meaning to the name Sub Society?

Kaily – ‘Minimal and deep house are sub genres of house and we want to push a sound that we love which is an emerging sound in Dublin, where techno has been fairly dominant.’

What can people expect from Sub Society in 2023 and beyond?

Eric Brown – ‘I know most people say it, but there’s big things coming. We have the head down working hard in the studio.  Working with bookers & promoters to lock down some support slots with really big DJs already and lining up more festival appearances as well as some of our own branded parties. We’re excited to share what we have, it’s only a matter of time.’

Kamorah – ‘The great thing about Sub Society is that it’s more then just 3 DJs playing b2b2b, we’ve have some really cool projects in the pipeline.’

Kaily – ‘We working hard on music in the studio and developing our own sound, also maybe a few sneaky VIP edits of classics. We’ll be throwing parties in some of our favourite clubs in the city and have already confirmed support slots alongside some huge names and you’ll hopefully be seeing us on some more festival line ups.’

What does house music mean to Sub Society?

Eric Brown – ‘I think for all 3 of us, it’s been a huge part of our life for the best part of our life. It’s a release, a step away from the real world, good house music is a way to forget all your worries even for that 1 hour you play.’

Kaily – ‘House music is all about the groove, and bringing everyone together and that’s what we hope to do with Sub Society. Paying homage to the history of the music that we love while pushing things forward.’

What can first time listeners expect to hear from this recording of Sub Society at BD Festival?

Kaily – ‘I think you’ll hear and feel the energy from our set which is what we aimed for. We all take pride in our selection as DJs and the set is full of big tracks like you’d expect at a festival but championing loads of new music and a few classics thrown in as well.’

Eric Brown – ‘It’s a blend of our 3 musical tastes, I’m sure a lot of heard us play individually but not as a trio. This was high energy, house music to keep the crowd on their feet. A few classics for good measure, like all festival slots.’

Kamorah – ‘I think this recording is a good example of quality track selection. When we’re preparing for a set, we send music back and forth in our WhatsApp group. The bar is set high, all tracks that are played need to tick a lot of boxes and serve a purpose for a time and place.’

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