Up next for our Local Selection mix, a core member of the Oktopus brand and a fine selector takes the reigns for our 16th mix. Sean kicks straight into the mix with thunderous four to the floor rhythms, a perfect example of what this man is about.

Q. How’s 2017 looking for you in terms of gigs?

A. 2017 is looking pretty awesome! Have some gigs with some different collectives and different venues across the country and will be playing at a couple festivals later this year too at Higher Vision and Fuinneamh , I’m also really looking forward to some upcoming parties in Dublin

Q. Have you been working on much music lately?

A. Yeah man iv been making a lot of music. I’ve been keeping a lot of it to myself but I will be unveiling a new personal project of mine in the next few weeks!

Q. You are the co-founder of Oktopus, What was the reason behind starting your own night?

A. The reason Oktopus came about is because I wanted to bring like minded people together from all walks of life , To come and try new things, meet new people and be creative! Also showcase the underground talent we have in fair city (artists/DJ’s/producers etc) as well as bring over the finest International acts ! When I was 1st introduced to the scene it blew me away and opened me to a whole new world I had no idea existed! Iv met some of best friends and it has definitely opened my mind and changed my life for the better! I want others to experience the same thing!

Q. The Gallery Of Hangar is perfectly suited for an intimate crowd, what can we see happening on February 24?

A. The 24th is going to be absolute carnage! I don’t want to give too much away but we will take no prisoners! You’ll all have nightmares for weeks!

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