Social media’s presence and influence on electronic music has been a hot topic as of late and an overwhelming amount of gloom surrounding its manifestation on popularity and bookings within dance music’s framework. Since the homecoming of nightclubs in Ireland it’s been evident that real music is still thriving and there is a lust for authenticity.

The way electronic music and culture itself is consumed in 2022 has drastically changed since pre-pandemic times. A hiatus from nightclubs meant that we were forced to absorb dance music in a divergent manner. The emergence of live streams as the main source of dance music consumption meant that we were visually gorging on dance music like never before. A focus on stream locations, visual contrasts and DJs attire meant that the main focus of the music was gradually slipping through our fingers.

Streaming played an important part in keeping many DJs active right through the pandemic, it also created a somewhat toxic culture within dance music. More and more, I noticed comments alluring to the DJs appearance, dress sense and other factors that are totally insignificant to the key point of a stream… showcasing music. The continued success of streams meant that social media and electronic music were going hand in hand with regard to its consumption, this is excluding streaming sites who have at the forefront of music consumption for over the last decade.

Is social media a key factor for being booked for shows? Does your follower count or a blue tick certify you as renowned DJ? Well.. we’re social and visual creatures, we crave interaction and we strive for validation. When real life experiences are stripped from you, we must find an alternative. A shift from nightclubs to social media was incontrovertibly going to have a knock on effect on electronic music’s landscape and in turn effect what DJs are in demand.

The next question that ponders my mind; Is social media as toxic as it’s made out to be? There’s a dualistic approach to gazing at this question. It depends where you look, how you look, the length you look at social media and how you use social media. Sure it can create a false sense of popularity, skill and demand but that’s just basic marketing and this isn’t particularly new to social media per say. Long before social media came along and apparently decapitated your futile DJ career, DJs were getting booked on hype and trends for years. Social media can be used in a positive way, to share music, moments and wisdom.

There seems to be a villain like stigma around social media’s influence on popularity in electronic music. Authentic and fresh electronic music is not a thing of the past and if you look for the good stuff you’ll find it and in fact you will find a copious amount of it. This blemish lenses of electronic music in 2022 is not only venomous but paints electronic music punters as asinine sheep who flock from one hype to the next. From my experience in nightclubs post pandemic, the music has been of a high standard and the crowds appreciation of a nightclub experience is the most desired I’ve ever experienced.

Dublin City’s electronic music scene is bursting with life right now. We’re looking at new nightclubs, new promoters, new DJs and new punters. Dance music scenes cease to exist without new and contemporary ideas and frameworks. Nightclubs have been busy every weekend since the return to the dance floor, new faces and old faces dancing to cutting edge and vintage rhythms.

There’s a burning desire for new music and avant-garde dance floor memories. A focus on Irelands local scene has created a vibrant and driving force within communities and to be honest I haven’t seen a want for this business techno trend in Ireland’s capital. If you remain glued to your phone and focus on the followers, likes, comments and trends your perception of dance music may be totally skewed to what the reality is. Within any scenes there will be virtuous characters and content, there will be content that is viewed as inferior and in many cases the bad stuff may be popular… really fucking popular.

Perspective is everything in life and in the scene you may throw yourself into. There’s always going to generic, business driven scenes but by focussing on that you’re fuelling the fire. Why not shed some light on the scene’s that are striving for something experimental, bold and fresh ? Ireland is exploding with talent and if you don’t remove your head from your repulsive arse, you’re going to miss all the good stuff.

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