Galway collective, label and party series VSN launch a huge project, with their incredible 32 track compilation due out next month, with the entire proceeds donated to the ever present and much needed ICHH homelessness charity.

Ahead of the monster VSN release, we caught up with one of the brains behind the VSN World, Cóilí Collins AKA Shampain, who tells us about the collective, the bunch of sound heads they brought together, and how representing Galway and using their tune, ethos and friends they’ve made along the way to fundraise for a worth cause is what it’s all about.

This year has been a crazily hard year for probably everyone on the entire planet, especially those in music and live performance who have more or less had their lives turned upside down. 

Thinking about those who are homeless, sleeping rough every night and with little to no hope or accessible help on a nightly basis, it’s very easy to remember that although the pandemic has dealt us all a bad hand that some of us are really lucky to have the supports we do.

VSN started out as a weekly clubnight myself and Evan DJed at in Room 2 in Carbon and has since become a full throttle movement in my opinion; having booked guests like Special Request, Imogen, Fadi Mohem, Miley Serious, Sputnik One, Tommy Holohan and loads more + blooding some serious Irish talent like Cachai, Hannah Hession and others. All the while we’ve a website that features our entire gallery of artwork designed by Conor Ostheimer (who designed the cover) along with articles and interviews with friends of the crew, written by me. 

With that in mind, VSN WORLD 4 A BETTER WORLD was spawned; I started getting in touch with all the artists I’ve met and been in touch with over the years through DJing for clubs and radio, working as a journalist and promoting club nights for the best part of the past 5 years. Everyone was more than happy to help despite obviously having all gone through a particularly rough time I imagine, as I had myself too in the past 12 months – but since it was for a bigger cause than all of us, everyone still came together in pretty quick fashion since I only started compiling the tracks around the first week in January. It includes new tracks from Mall Grab, KETTAMA, Tommy Holohan, Baltra, X-Coast, X Club., Tommy 2000, Burnout, DJ Haus, Poly Chain, StacEmp, Mutant Joe and loads more from all over the globe and Ireland. 

100% of the proceeds go to ICHH, the Dublin based charity that are on the streets of the capital every single night helping the least fortunate in our society, while also doing bits for local communities like food packages and other things – all of which you can read about on their website.

SN is a 100% Galway product and we’re proud to be too! “

The full release is due out on March 5th digitally, make sure to support it. You can check out two track from the release from Tommy 2000, NORA DRUM below.

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