Festival fun today, as Fuinneamh Festival have handed their Instagram account over to the excellent ‘Meditations for the Anxious Mind’ for the whole day.

Today the toxic spirit guide ‘Meditations for the Anxious Mind‘ takes over the Fuinneamh Festival Instagram page for a full day of entertainment and ticket giveaways.

Known for his stunningly accurate ‘Ancient Mysteries Explained’ videos, which take you on an incredibly detailed deep dive into Irish culture on subjects ranging from District 8 to Tamagochi’s, all mashed into a super sensory tantalising minute and a half. 

The only thing more precise than these reports are his future predictions which have become the things of legend… And then fact.

Tune in, have some fun and maybe win yourself some tickets to this year’s festival over at Fuinneamh Festival Instagram page here.

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