Marking Mental Health Awareness Week [13th May 2021], the UK’s leading Mental Health charity Mind launch a series of new mental health resources to provide information and support to those working in the electronic music industry, with specific guides for managers, employees and freelancers in the sector.

Created in partnership with leading music and entertainment organisations Ninja Tune, Paradigm, Percolate and POLY the four new resources provide vital information on how those working within the dance music industry can access support, look after their mental health and support colleagues. Each guide includes advice for those affected by the pandemic, tailored towards those working within the music industry, by aiming to identify and address many of the specific and challenges associated with this rewarding but often challenging sector.

According to research into the mental health and wellbeing of people in the electronic music industry, carried out in 2019 – before the coronavirus pandemic – musicians are more prone to mental health problems than the general population and may be up to three times more likely to suffer from depression, making this a timely and vital resource. Anecdotally, Mind often hears from those working within the music industry how factors such as insecure income, difficulty achieving a work/life balance, pressure from fans and labels, poor diet, lack of sleep and access to alcohol and drugs can all take their toll on wellbeing and mental health.

In addition, the pandemic has thrown up a number of extra challenges with the electronic music industry one of those hardest hit by the pandemic and the restrictions imposed, particularly when it comes to touring and performing including gigs, concerts, clubs and festivals. These resources aim to empower people with the information and skills they need to help get support for themselves or others who might be struggling with their mental health. 

To access all this brilliant information, which is all free, please head to MIND’s Music Sector Guides here.


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