This weeks Mix Of The Week goes to Aeron XTC, who has provided us with a sensational recording of his opening set supporting Paula Temple in Index last weekend. The Research label boss set the tone for what was an incredible evening last Friday. Strap in and get ready to re-experience this journey. It is fantastic.

Each and every Aeron XTC set is a pleasure. This one is no different. Having the ability to showcase your extensive library to a crowd of people depending on where you are situated on a line up is no easy feat. Though Darcy executes this perfectly. Aeron XTC is no stranger to opening, supporting or closing sets and this is what makes them so special.

The variety in sound is apparent but the style and direction stays true to Darcy’s taste all while realising the part that he has to play at whatever party that may be. This leads to the crowd feeling content and whole afterward, having realised everyone has played their part and a full-circle feeling can be felt in reflection. This feeling is rare to come by usually, but can be felt in abundance anytime you see AeronXTC’s name on a line-up.

If this set has got you in the mood to party, you can stay up to date with all things AeronXTC and Research related here. Expect day parties, intimate club gigs, big production shows and more. They really do have something for everyone. Check it out!

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