This week’s selection for mix of the week goes to Berlin based Ireland born DJ OPTIK, who has graced us with a sensational vinyl only mix live from everyone’s favourite bathroom. This classy contribution to the widely recognised music platform that is known as Hör Berlin certainly did not disappoint.

The mix starts in a no nonsense manner, maintaining the pace while effortlessly transitioning from one record to the next. This recording is an old school, hardgroove techno fans dream. Supplying the groove in full effect for the duration of the mix, OPTIK is left leaving his listeners in a trance. He does not stop there though, as his timing between transitions from track to track compliments the mix even further accompanied with the right number of vocals to keep the listener intrigued as to what he might do next. This set was an absolute joy to listen to and it will be one that we’ll have on repeat for weeks to come.

If you would like to keep up to date with what DJ OPTIK gets up to next you can follow his Instagram here. He is 1/4th of the infamous Irish techno crew DIGITAL INDECENCY and is also heavily involved in the Polyrhythm mix series. It has a primary focus of showcasing DJs on the platform, where they would contribute a mix that would normally be unrelated to the sound they would be associated with. If you would like to listen to more of OPTIK’s sets he has several reputable mixes that you can also check out here.

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