Mix of the week is back again this week with a spicy Hör debut filled with a heap of electro and vocal based party edits courtesy of Dublin based High Fidelity. This is whopper.

Project Radio resident High Fidelity has been involved in the Dublin dance scene for quite some time now, to which he has seen a great deal of success so far. Holding down a support slot for Partiboi69, securing his first headline show at a Loose Tooth Dental Club party as well as a number of international club shows and festival appearances in Germany and Poland, it is safe to say that High Fidelity is a force to be reckoned with.

While High Fidelity possesses such a fun, energetic approach to mixing, the exact same can be said about his productions. His tracks have seen support from some of the industries finest electro and ghetto artists like Mell G, Juicy Romance, Hoe__mies, Nasty King Kurl and more. It is clear that High Fidelity has a deep yet unique understanding of the sound he looks to create within his productions. Lots energy throughout, vocal-driven, and an abundance of low end to maintain a significant level of thump and groove to keep his listener’s engaged, but also intrigued for more at the same time. The end result sounds glorious.

High Fidelity does a terrific job in encapsulating his unique, fruitful sound throughout this Hör appearance. Slick, pacey mixing with various transitioning tricks used, primarily with the use of effects to help build and maintain a high level of momentum throughout. Although a vast amount of vocals are heard throughout this mix, the mix still remains very clean sounding right through. This alone is a testament of High Fidelity’s understanding and knowledge of his sound, library and competent DJ skills. It is brilliant seeing so many homegrown artists accomplish wonderful things on an international scale with what seems like a tremendous level of ease. Long may it continue!

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