This week’s Mix of The Week goes to Ricky Chong’s broadcast at The Lot Radio in New York City. The widely acclaimed DJ and producer glides through an array of soul, disco and funk in this smashing live recording which features deep cuts spanning decades of hip-moving dance music.

Rick Chong’s journey to becoming one of the most sought-after and well-respected artists within the realm of house, disco and funk derives from years of consistency and dedication to his craft. This showcase of passion and determination earned him lucrative residencies with Sligo’s Faint as well as a monthly residency with The Big Romance. This comes as no surprise given the vast collection of music that Ricky has built over the years, to further assist his love for setting floors alight no matter where he goes.

Nowadays, Ricky’s name can be spotted at events all over Ireland and beyond, this ranges from festivals to bars and clubs with exquisite sound systems with stunning DJ equipment and records to match. Ricky has carved out his spot as one of Ireland’s most exciting DJs by means of his smooth selections and silkier techniques. This has lead him to acquire slots at some of the countries most formidable festivals like AVA, Life Festival, Beyond The Pale, Electric Picnic, Otherside and so on. Ricky’s steady rise as an artist has earned him a host of international shows in the UK, Canada and is currently partway through a sling of American shows, bravo.

This entry for Mix of The Week sees Ricky swiftly move through a variety of funk-filled tracks with ease. A true assortment of gems, these stunning picks of disco and soul can also be heard throughout with each track looking to make your body groove, this is the perfect soundtrack to get you in that Friday mood!

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