This weeks mix of the week is an absolute no brainier. Going to the first ever b2b between Sunil Sharpe and Jerome Hill that took place at Up To Date Festival in Bialystok, Poland. Luckily for us, they recorded the set. Spanning just over 2 hours for our listening pleasure. Dig in!

Sunil Sharpe and Jerome Hill are two legends in their own right, that have been dedicated to their crafts for well over 20 years a piece. Sunil, who is known worldwide for his harsh, in your face, vinyl-only sets also runs the impressive Earwiggle imprint. As well as campaigning for Give Us The Night in hope of modernising Ireland’s nightlife, he can also be found nurturing the next generation of musical talent at the Bray Institute of Further Education midweek. He is a real patron saint of Ireland’s nightlife scene if there ever was one.

Jerome Hill, who is recognised for his funky approach to dance music that is truly unique. Possessing the creative ability to showcase this signature style through his sets and productions. Running labels titled Don’t, Super Rhythm Trax and Hornsey Hardcore that encompass his diverse musical pallet that can also be heard throughout this recording is fantastic.

It isn’t often that you get to hear two masters at work together in a scenario that is not only unique to you, the listener, but also the DJs too. This first of its kind back to back between Sunil Sharpe and Jerome Hill is just that. Two vinyl maestros fusing their own flavour and sound together and resulting in a terrific listening experience for those who are a fan of techno, electro, and acid among other sounds.

The selections throughout the recording ooze of class. Some stand out ghetto tracks combined with an array of techno tracks stretching across multiple subgenres and a number of tracks deriving from the influence of Chicago house can be heard here, it’s brilliant. There is no doubt that experiencing this live on the grounds of Bialystok’s city stadium in Poland would have been an outstanding experience. Combining such an interesting setting with dance music of this kind is really special. Find out for yourself, give it a listen.

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