We team up with Techno & Cans to bring you a “More Techno, Less Hotels” t-shirt range.

We are teaming up with one of Dublin’s favourite collectives, Techno & Cans to bring a limited edition run of “More Techno, Less Hotels” t-shirts.

The home of Techno & Cans; Hangar, fell at the feet of Dublin’s hotel influx when it closed its doors back in 2018. It now stands as near complete multi story hotel, removing any culture or social aspect that the area once had.
It was shortly followed by the closure of The Tivoli Theatre, home of District 8, in the start of 2019. Since its closure, it too has been leveled to the ground, making way for more commercial space, adding to the already saturated supply.

The most recent venue to lose the battle against hotels is The Bernard Shaw. Loved dearly by so many people as it served as a cultural hotspot will now see its grounds turned into another hotel when it closes later this year. Carbon Galway has also closed its doors to make way for yet another Weatherspoons, which also seems to be a worryingly growing trend.

Purchase one of the “More Techno, Less Hotels” t-shirts right here.
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