If you’re a regular club-goer in Dublin, you’d know by now that it is fairly difficult to find a good afterparty, unless it’s illegal of course. Our government, as always, are living with the dinosaurs when it comes to club culture and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon. So illegal afterparties are going to continue to take place, and continue to be shut down. Lucky, we’ve got a little gem in our city on Townsend Street called Ned’s.

Ned’s is an early house, meaning it can open at 7am instead of the regular 10:30am. Those three and a half extra hours can be the precious difference between a killer after sesh and falling asleep as the sun comes up. Because of this, Ned’s has become a stomping ground for young clubbers over the past couple of months thanks to Dublin promoters running gigs on the premises, particularly Strato with their Early Shift. With its early opening hours of 7am, this bar is the go-to in our small city when it comes to afterparties. Cheap entry, long opening hours and some of Dublin’s best local DJs including Bobofunk, Mark Gill, Ryan O Connor, Quinton Campbell and Sly Black, Ned’s of Townsend street has well and truly sparked a new beginning in Dublin.

If you enjoy an early morning gargle, with a hint of house and techno on the side, The Early Shift is for you. Party on Dublin!

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