Lobster Theremin and label mainstay & UKG/jungle pacesetter Coco Bryce link-up for a merch collaboration, designed and drawn by the artist himself and screen-printed on Earth positive fabric.

Lobster Theremin are launching an environmentally friendly clothing collaboration with label mainstay Coco Bryce. It marks the first real step in the label’s vision to become more involved within the fashion world, such is the label founder Jimmy Asquith’s passion for clothing – with more to come in the very near future.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant label artwork that has become equally as important to the imprints aesthetic as the sonic art itself, this Coco Bryce collaboration focuses on the producers previous EPs – Ma Bae Be Luv and Deep In The Jungle – taking inspiration from the cartoon drawings of the breakbeat hardcore era. 

Three different tees are available:

1. Ma Bae Be Luv Lobster Tee (in both black and white): left breast pocket is the hand drawn logo by Coco; ‘Myor X Lobster’ – on the back is the screen printed square of Coco’s release, Ma Bae Be Luv – which was designed and drawn by him.

2. Deep Into The Jungle Lobster Tee (in both black and white): left breast pocket is the hand drawn logo by Coco; ‘Myor X Lobster’ creating a theme to the collection. Coco’s Deep In The Jungle artwork printed on the back – also designed and drawn by him.

3. Myor X Lobster Classic Tee: Screen-printed with love through Transformer (which applies to all of the tees), the design and drawing has been created by Coco Bryce; a white t-shirt with two black prints – a simple black line drawing of a Lobster on the breast pocket and the campaign name on the back of the neck – ‘Myor X Lobster’ – which was hand drawn by Coco himself.

Coco Bryce’s vision in his words…

Snoopy has been one of my favourite characters since about day dot. And I grew up skating in the early 90s, an era in which board and t-shirt graphics were more often than not either straight copies of, or ‘heavily inspired’ by well known brand logos, cartoon characters, record covers and whatnot. I started drawing (slightly messed up) Snoopy characters again a couple of years ago, and gradually used them to stamp my self-released white labels. Then when Lobster asked me to do them an EP, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to make this drawing. A little nod to one of my favourite eras in skateboarding, Peanuts, bootleg culture in general and, of course, Lobster Theremin.

Check out the full range via Lobster Theremins Bandcamp page here.

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