“We are pretty much transplanting everything we do at the Bernard Shaw to there”

Bodytonic announced today that they will open a new venue in Phibsboro to replace the loss of The Bernard Shaw, which was recently announced to be closing its doors for another hotel earlier this month. They make their move to the Porterhouse Whitworth at Cross Guns Bridge in Phibsboro. An already well established pub, the Bodytonic team intend on bringing the same culture and creative space from The Shaw to the Phibsboro area.

Marie Claire Digby from the Irish Times chatted to the Bodytonic owner, Tervor O’Shea where he spoke about the new venture and the reason for it.

“We are pretty much transplanting everything we do at the Bernard Shaw to there,” said O’Shea “Some things won’t fit – we don’t have loads of wallspace for art. There is indoor and outdoor space, but it is smaller. We will launch it the same weekend we close here [the Bernard Shaw]. We might keep the name, or start with a new name, we are not sure yet.”

This is such positive news that venues are still able to reinvent and recreate spaces that we cherish so much. Hotels will be built and the cultural people of Dublin and Ireland will continue to recreate the spaces we lose.

Cover photo credit – William Murphy

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