The Cork scene is most certainly on its way back, even if the city has lost a heap of venues over the years. The appetite for techno, coupled with the hard work and dedication of many has once again made Cork a cracking city to party in.

Club Economy is a new night in Cork City with the aim of cementing the City as a hub of techno. Their event is dedicated to staying true to the genre’s roots and showcasing rising DJ’s who are passionate about the art of mixing and techno at its core.

Club Economy is a place where anyone from any walk of life is welcome, with an added aim of gender inclusivity on each of its line-ups. DJ and producer MEJMI, who founded the brand and concept is keen on putting a focus on visual arts, as music and visuals are intertwined and symbiotic .This combination is hugely important in creating total harmony throughout the club night. Rhythm, harmony, balance, contrast, and expression is what forms the foundation of Club Economy.

The first event takes place this coming Thursday night, featuring MEJMI B2B Doiléir, Ádhamh and Taurean. You can pick up tickets here.

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