Will Kinsella is back in Cork fresh off the back of an audiovisual performance on Culture Night with the Electronic Music Council, a collective who are making waves advocating for better night life in the rebel county. Will Kinsella is the creative force behind the Elevator Program and has cracked the code in the art of electronic music production, offering a one-day bootcamp to those who want to accelerate their music production skills.

Underground Ovation invites the Elevator Program to Cyprus Avenue for a transformative one day intensive crash course in electronic music production. Learn how to create, produce and compose music with Ableton Live. Throughout the day you will be shown how to program grooves and bass lines, use creative sampling, sound design, arrange and mix your tracks, putting in place a workflow to help you reach your creative goals.

What you will learn

– How to write a track from the ground up

– The fundamentals of electronic music production

– How to break out of loop mode

– How to turbocharge your creative process and workflow

– Master Ableton Live as a creative Tool

– Drum programming, Sampling and Arrangement

– Composition, sequencing and arrangement

– Mixing 101

Suitable for

– Artists looking to jump start their creative workflow and creativity

– Ableton Users looking for a more fluid way to work and compose music

– Music Production Beginners and people new to Ableton


– Post event access to online course course content via Elevator Program

– 25% discount on all Elevator Program courses

-Post Event Networking

Course Background

The Ableton Bootcamp was created by Will Kinsella and started as a series of one day masterclasses at Dublin Institute of Technology (TUD). Following a series of sold out training events, the programme was taken online, leading to the creation and launch of Elevator Program.

About the Lecturer

The Ableton Bootcamp was created by Will Kinsella aka Hybrasil [Rekids / Awesome Soundwave / Uncage]. An internationally renowned music producer and sound engineer with over 15 years experience in the music industry. As a lecturer he has taught at SAE Institute in Berlin, DIT/TUD and was a recipient of a lifetime achievement award from DIT/TUD for his contribution to college societies and the Irish music industry.

As a music producer he has worked with artists such as Octave One, Boris, Radio Slave, Alinka, Theo Nasa and many more.

Tickets are available via Four Four Mag, grab them here.

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