After the 18 month break from clubs and festivals, the first event back was always going to be slightly strange, however, AVA was that breath of fresh air, yet familiarity we all craved.

AVA Festival’s reappearance came with a new date in September opposed to their usual June date and this time, in a new location, Boucher Playing Fields. The whole weekend reiterated a neoteric presentiment of life in the forthcoming weeks, months and years.

After a lengthy break from clubs, festivals, dancing and everything that comes with those types of events, this two day festival pronounced a new beginning for life in Ireland and the feeling of ecstasy ran through the festival grounds, making it the idyllic new dawn of Irish festivals, the return we all dreamed of, yet couldn’t quite picture or believe would return.

No sooner did it arrive, the fun, laughter and new friends made, it was time to pack it all up again and reminisce about the special weekend that was had. The problem with such fun, is that it you embrace it and fully immerse yourself in it, like usual, it happens all too fast.

With all that in mind, AVA have today announced their return to action, with the festival reverting back to it’s usual summer months, so stick June 3rd and 4th in your diary right away. The tickets have also gone up for sale, which you can pick up here.

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