If you’re in Dublin, or passing through at some stage in the next couple of weeks, be sure to pop into Hen’s Teeth & Karl Magee’s Until Then exhibition. 

This is a photographic series exhibition celebrating moments of joy and togetherness captured on the dancefloor, which opens on Friday, 1st October. Until Then features 29 images shot over several years at memorable nights in venues and festivals across Ireland by Dulbin based DJ and photographer, Karl Magee.

First drawn to the camera from a longing to record the passing world and the change it brings. Karl seeks to convey a nostalgic mood and a search for the next fleeting moment. Now more than ever, this search has shown the weight of time and the emotion it can instil in an image. With a focus on club culture, Karl captures scenes filled with depth and feeling, allowing viewers to connect personally and recount their own memories.

Until Then evolved naturally over time and was spurred by the photographer’s passion to record the transient world of nightlife and clubbing. The resulting exhibition shows the weight of time and emotion that can be instilled in a single image. Individual moments, collective celebrations and memories are documented and fused to create the essence of this stunning collection. 

It feels surreal to look back on all these photos, especially as we soon approach the time when ‘Until Then’ reaches its conclusion, enters the present and becomes the now. Ever since I started attending different nights and venues it has always felt natural to capture it and crystallize the memory in time, even if it just was one photo. I think what excited me most about these occasions was knowing how ephemeral they each were. No two nights were the same and to me this uniqueness was totally galvanizing and pushed the project to new heights” – Karl Magee.

Until Then was originally published as a magazine during the pandemic last year, and now can finally come to life through this exhibition, taking it from the pages to the gallery walls. 

Here are 4 taster images from the exhibition, which opens on 1st October- 21st November 2021 at Hen’s Teeth‘s Dublin 8 gallery.

All prints are available to buy both in Hen’s Teeth and online from 5pm, Friday 1st October. 

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