Our readers will be very familiar with our passion for techno, and the role it plays in our lives, both as producers/DJs and in our community, so this next piece is right up our street. This three part series entitled ‘Techno: A Social History‘ will be hosted by DJ, producer and journalist Ash Lauryn on BBC Radio 4 as she deep dives into the origins of techno and the role its played in subcultures across the world.

The impact techno has had on social and cultural events is fairly mind blowing. From Detroit to Berlin, the footprint left behind by techno communities and the social values they upheld can be felt in every corner of the world. This audio documentary deep dives into the evolution of techno and the journey the genre has made globally.

The series touches down in Detroit, Berlin, Ukraine, Georgia and Palestine, as Ash Lauryn chats with some of the industries best, including Ellen Allien, Juan Atkins, Nastia, and Kevin Saunderson, among others. Each interview dissects how counterculture gave rise to key historical moments, and how techno has provided the soundtrack to radical movements of resistance throughout history.

The series launches Tuesday July 19th, you can listen back to it via BBC Radio 4 here.

Photo: @yvetteglasco

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