We have a straight up all vinyl mix today from one of the Digital Indecency crew, as DJ OPTIK provides us an hour of 90s fast paced mixing and that old school sounds we love.

The Digital Indecency crew is a collection of DJ with often very few words, but are known for their taste in all things vinyl and fast paced. With recognisable influences from the likes of Early Adam Beyer, Player Records, Ben Sims, Ignition Technician, DJ Shufflemaster, Thomas Schumacher, Lars Klein and vintage Umek, the crews mixes are always a throw back to the greatest era of techno.

DJ OPTIKNone of that taking you on a journey shite here, no intertwined bass lines or any of the fancy stuff. It’s just fast paced tracks slammed into each other on wax.

So for the next hour, let DJ Optik sound track your Thursday afternoon with a this fast paced, tribal and rolling mix of jacking old school house and techno.

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