We welcome an immensely talented young DJ and producer to our Local Selection, as Fionn O’Regan aka FYuN steps up to the controls with a 25 track mix consisting of 100% unreleased music.

Fionn O’Regan or FYuN is a 23 year old DJ and producer based in Cork. Through his hard work and dedication FYuN has quickly made a name for himself at the forefront of the electronic music scene in the city. Before the pandemic caused havoc in Ireland and across the globe, FYuN became a regular in the Cork techno scene, sharing the booth with some of the finest DJs in the country.

Launching the Elision collective with Dave O’Neill and Jack Devine in early 2018, the team held a monthly residency in Cork’s electronic capital, Dali Cork. With the nighttime industry brought to a stand till early in 2020, FYuN has kept a strong focus on developing his own productions and unique sound, striving to incorporate the late 90s and early 00s looping techno sounds to his own style.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Bryan Zentz, Chris Liebing and Guy McAffer to name a few, this 100% unreleased mix shows just how deeply the late 90s and early 00s techno has played such a pivotal role in developing FYuN’s sounds and mixing styles that we hear today.

For the next hour, whack this mix on full volume and enjoy this carefully crafted mix of original techno from a producer that will no doubt be a serious player in the Irish techno scene for years to come.

If you want to deep dive into our Local Selection Series more, check out the playlist or the rest on our Soundcloud.

This “Local Selection Mix Series” is brought to you by our partner Red Bull, helping you discover Ireland’s most talented artists. You can check out more of what’s going on in the world of Red Bull Music here.

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