In the latest edition of our Local Selection series we hand over the hot seat to a good friend of Four Four and general sound head Pauly Doyle AKA Echo Potential. We’ve been eager to get this mix out for a while so make this your afternoon soundtrack.

Pauly Doyle AKA Echo Potential is a Dublin based techno DJ and producer who set up the underground club night The Universe in 2019 having been involved in the scene for the best part of a decade. Prior to lockdown, he booked and welcomed guests such as, Kloves, LAG, Rene Wise, Yant, and Blasha and Allatt to bring the noise.

As well as being a talented DJ and producer, he has taken it upon himself to better the mindset and support available for those involved with the music industry. Having started his journey studying psychology, he has gone on to set up the wellbeing collective Bear in Mind, a collective who aim to raise awareness and support better wellbeing and mental health in Irish electronic music culture. Check out his website here, which features interviews with those involved in the music scene and leading mental health professionals.

Turn this up for an hour of techno slammers, expertly blended featuring tracks from a huge amount of Irish producers, including Aeron XTC, Rustal, Doug Cooney, Stuey Lyons (RIP) and tons more.

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