Turn your speakers to 10, this next Local Selection is one for the techno heads. We’re delighted to welcome Dublin DJ and absolute powerhouse Lyndz as she takes the reigns for number 168 of the series.

Resident on Power FM and key player with the mighty New Moon Sessions collective, Lyndz has earned a reputation for playing dark, loopy techno, full of grit and personality. Nodding to industrial while keeping it interesting at the same time, no easy feat.

Lyndz is a self taught, Inner City Dublin DJ with a big love for heavy-hitting, hard, uplifting and hypnotic techno. She has a real ear for selecting obscure tracks that grab her audience’s attention. Her journey started when she began working at an underground radio station in her early 20’s, where she eventually got her own weekly show. Since the closure of the radio station, Lyndz has slowly began moving up the ranks, finding her sound and perfecting her mixing. She has played in some of Dublin’s most iconic clubs and after parties.

With influences including Helena Hauff, Anetha, Perc and Under Black Helmet to name but a few, expect 2 hours of wall to wall heaters. Listen via our SoundCloud below.

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