This week’s Local Selection Mix has been provided by David Purcell (Scordor). The Kildare based DJ and producer has provided us with a slamming mix comprised of driven and bouncy techno from start to finish. Sit tight. This gets wild.

Scordor first realised his passion for dance music (most notably techno) from the tender age of 18. Having discovered this vested interested from frequenting Hangar, which led him to start producing dance music from an early age. Since then, he has jolted into the Dublin techno scene. Amassing supports for Remco Beekwilder, Thomas P. Heckmann and SHCHXCHX in the process.

Scordor made his Cellar debut last Saturday alongside Andy MC, P.RAW.N and Jon Hussey for the Embedded takeover in what was a stellar evening from start to finish. It was filled with high-octane techno from the get-go which was a terrific evening filled with quality dance music.

This entry to the Local Selection Mix Series outlines Scordor’s remarkable music taste and even more impressive productions. As you can hear an array of original Scordor material throughout that is both released and unreleased. Accompanied with a slew of mainly old school selections that emulate hard grooves, broken rhythms and tingling percussion. Buckle up!

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