Making their appearance on the Local Selection Mix Series this week is Dublin based DJ and producer, Dialōg. The Influence Collective co-owner and resident steps up with an hour of power focusing primarily on gritty, slamming selections from start to finish. Get ready, this gets crazy.

Dialōg makes his Local Selection debut today. Coming in at the 182nd entry to the series, he possesses a deep rooted passion for a variety of electronic music. Though, in particular, Dialōg is a massive fan of raw sounding, highly energetic compositions which further fuels his preference for hard techno music. Noticeably, this can be heard in abundance throughout this recording.

Dialōg has done a fantastic job at translating this passion and dedication into his productions. Amassing support from some of hard technos most recognisable names such as Shlømo, Clara Cuve, CLTX, Charlie Sparks, TRYM, and ØTTA. With news of Dialōg’s next release coming in early 2023 on Berlin’s Sindex, you can expect to hear a lot more of his blistering productions in the near future.

Influence Collective has seen a steady rise in success in recent times among Dublin’s dance music scene. Throwing notable parties that include some stellar acts, comprising of Nico Moreno and ÅMRTÜM, with more hectic parties in the pipeline for 2023, Dialōg and the rest of the Influence crew have been very busy.

During this time, Dialōg has been gradually building his experience as a DJ. Playing numerous Dublin clubs that include Cellar, Index, The Grand Social and The Soundhouse, with many more to follow, no doubt.

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