This week’s entry to the Local Selection Mix Series welcomes Dublin-based DJ, SAZ. The fruitful selector has crafted a tidy mix that is specifically rooted across the spectrum of house and techno. Dipping into elements of prog and old-school rave sounds that do a fantastic job at keeping the listener on their toes while carving out an impressive recording that is ever-evolving.

SAZ has made a firm mark on Dublin’s dance music scene since she started DJing a few years ago. Possessing a uniquely diverse pallet that spans disco, house, and techno while occasionally dipping into trance and psy. Her outlook as a DJ is one that sifts through multiple sounds which encapsulates the true meaning of a selector. She has the ability to play comfortably in a vast number of genres through years of consistency, dedication, and hard work.

It is safe to say that SAZ has accomplished quite a bit as an artist in recent times. Hosting her own show Elevation Sounds on Phever, as well as appearing on Project Radio with Decorum. SAZ has played a range of club shows across the city, some of which include gigs in Cellar, Wigwam, Tengu, Index, Soundhouse, Bow Lane, and so on. While making her festival debut at BD last year on the Chapel Stage where she was joined alongside a host of local talent that included Royce Laroca, Jake Fitz, Resound DJs, and more.

This mix is a brilliant representation of SAZ’s skill and style as an artist, as she showcases her broad musical knowledge in this packed recording that is filled to the brim with sleek picks throughout. Here is this week’s Local Selection, courtesy of SAZ. Enjoy!

You can stay up to date with all things SAZ here.

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