This week’s Local Selection comes from Uncertain Events head honcho and SYNC resident Alx. Strap in as the diverse selector provides a trip through a series of hard-edged and groove-infused techno cuts for the next hour. The mix itself highlights ALX’s ideation for the vast variations that transcend all corners of techno.

ALX is a name that has been garnering attention recently by means of his relentless dedication to both music production and event promotion. Seamlessly navigating both realms, he has discovered a profound affection for the raw and unyielding sounds that dominate specifically warehouse environments.

ALX’s recent releases have made waves in the industry, finding a home on esteemed labels such as TX, CARTEL, THE BRVTALIST, TECHNO WERELD, OBSCUUR, MOTZ, INSANE INDUSTRY, SUBSTANTIV, MTRPLS, and more. His impressive discography for all things hard techno is a clear solidification of his reputation as a music producer who is focused on primarily industrial-driven compositions. 

As the year progresses, ALX sets his sights on unleashing more relentless-sounding techno, honing in on a European-inspired style that aims to dominate the underground scenes of the Netherlands and France. ALX has gathered attention from well-established artists across the industry such as Rebekah, Dax J, Paula Temple, Vendex, CLTX, Don Woezik, Giselle, B2, Luciid, LESSSS and more.

For now, you can dive into this recording filled with an array of techno selections ranging from funky to slamming hard techno throughout. Sifting through aspects of the genre in such a seamless manner, lush.

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